From the garage to the world

ABT’s history dates back to 1988, when Anders Bard started manufacturing cargo pallets on a small scale in his garage. Anders planned to switch from his career as a sea captain to a life on land. Life at sea and manufacturing packing were done alongside each other for a few years, until in the early ’90s he took the plunge.

The company moved into larger premises and invested in more machines. ABT began focusing its production on pallet collars. Since then the company has enjoyed steady growth. Today (2021) the company has a turnover of about SEK 120 million and has 20 permanent employees.

The company sees its staff as crucial and important. Thanks to our good development, we have been fortunate to always be able to retain staff, even over the bumpy parts of the economy. ABT is currently one of Scandinavia’s largest manufacturers of pallet collars. It is a wholly owned family business, with Anders Bard and his family as owners.

ABT företagsskylt


PallkragarProduct refinement and development are the company’s trademarks. ABT was the first in the industry to offer truly sharp printing on pallet collars using screen printing technology. ABT has always looked for customers who place high demands on quality. Our major customers today include many reputable companies in the manufacturing industry.  While Swedish industry is still the largest customer segment, ABT aims to increase its export share. Today international sales account for about 10 percent of sales. Lumber to Asia and stable bedding for the United Arab Emirates are just two of the products and markets found in the list of exports.


Värmebehandling ispm15Manufacturing of pallet collars and lids for pallet collars is the backbone of the production. Along with the machine park being developed and expanded, the range of products has also grown. For example the company offers planing and cutting on a subcontractor basis. We also offer heat treatment of wood pallets to meet the requirements of ISPM15 and enable them to be exported.


The raw materials for the wood pallet collars come from Swedish forests. The plywood in the lids is made of several different types of wood. A crucial point in the company’s philosophy is quality. We value long-term customer relationships based on reliable deliveries and high quality.

The company meets the requirements of ISO 9001 for its quality management system and ISO 14001 for its environmental management system, as well as manufacture and sale of wood packing, primarily pallet collars and planing.