In addition to its own production of pallet collars, ABT also provides cargo pallets as a service to customers who crave comprehensive solutions.

Full and half cargo pallets

The cargo pallet as we know it today can be said to be a Swedish invention. Developed in the 1940s based on SJ’s (Swedish State Railways) need for standardised dimensions for freight handling, it was originally called the SJ pallet. In the 1950s the SJ pallet was accepted as standard dimensions for all of Europe. Since then it has come to be called the Euro pallet, or EUR pallet/EPAL. ABT manufactures pallets to a lesser extent, but has a number of different pallets in its sales selection. All pallets we sell are heat-treated and certified according to ISPM15.

  • New EUR pallet, 1200×800 mm. ISPM 15 approved.
  • New half pallet, 800×600 mm. ISPM 15 approved.
  • New cargo pallet, 1600×800 mm. ISPM 15 approved.
  • New cargo pallet, 2000×800 mm. ISPM 15 approved.