Wood chips from planing and cutting are high-value waste products from ABT’s manufacturing. ABT refines the chips into briquettes and pellets for burning and, in the case of pellets, for stable bedding as well.


Fire briquettes have several advantages when compared to burning with ordinary wood. The compressed sawdust is more compact than wood and thus burns longer. When burning in a conventional stove or heating boiler, the fire requires feeding less often with briquettes than does with firewood. ABT makes briquettes from sawdust and wood chips, waste products from the rest of our manufacturing.

Fire briquettes are a very environmentally-friendly alternative when you consider the entire manufacturing process. Our briquettes have a diameter of 60/75 mm. We do not add binding agents, but only use the lignin already naturally present in the wood. 1 tonne of briquettes corresponds to about 4.5 cubic metres of wood or 0.5 cubic metres of fuel oil.



ABT manufactures pellets from sawdust, a waste product from their primary manufacturing. It is a clean forest product, environmentally optimal as the raw materials are already treated and processed.

The environmental impact becomes minimal when considering the entire process for this first-class biofuel. It is a purely natural product, part of the natural cycle.

The carbon dioxide released during combustion is absorbed by the new plantings growing in the forest.The fuel pellets have a high energy value and cause minimal ash when burned. With automatic feeding, handling becomes simple and easy for the user. ABT manufactures pellets for local customers and for distribution to other retailers.

Pellets från ABT i Broaryd.